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After completing various training or planning sessions, professionals like you were asked to describe their experience simulating procedures like endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), thoracic aneurysms repair (TEVAR), and most notably, fenestrated EVAR. To prepare Replicator PRO™ for specific case simulations, realistic silicone vessel models are first printed to patient-specific specifications, which are then easily configured to PRO™. The true physiological functioning of the system yields a simulation experience that is unmatched from a true clinical experience, in any setting that PRO™ may be placed. Watch what some our of our users had to say:

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While simulating cases with Replicator PRO™, physicians are easily able to work with trainers to understand the device and case at hand for the best possible outcome. With such a realistic and robust simulator, users can repeat any clinical case any number of times, each time producing the desired outcomes for their goals. These outcomes are also easily recorded under angiography for later reference, allowing users to get the absolute most out of each session.

  • Our life-like silicone and physiologically accurate pulsatility allow physicians to simulate real live patient cases with much more confidence than virtual simulators 
  • With optimized life-like feedback, interventionalists can now more easily engage and learn from any replicated case as compared with other simulators
  • The robust feedback and repeatability of our systems provide for a hassle-free experience with a quick learning curve for all users
  • Principal investigators are now able to train on multiple, various cases within just one day, allowing clinical trainers to get to device trials in record time

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