A Long History of Technological Advancements

Vascular Simulations’ technology provides a realistic experience when performing endovascular procedures. We strive to replicate endovascular device performance and behavior similar to that of an actual clinical case. In addition, customized silicone vessels duplicating the actual anatomy and pathology can be uniquely manufactured. Interventionalists will be able to practice a specific procedure and Medical Device Manufactures will be providing the tools to enhance patient outcome.


Advanced Neurovascular Replication System


Silicone Vasculature


AIS Replication System

The Vascular Simulations Replicator

The Replicator duplicates the cardiac cycle with a functional left atrium and ventricle with mechanical mitral and aortic valves. The “blood flow” then passes through a silicone aorta with a compliance that recreates the clinical Windkessel effect resulting in pressure waveforms in the aorta of the replicator that are indistinguishable from the waveforms of a human aorta.

The great vessels arising from the aortic arch and the cerebrovasculature can be prototyped from imaging studies of actual patients and their entire vascular anatomy and pathology can be recreated with silicone.

Virtually, any intracranial aneurysm can be recreated.

“We rehearsed the procedure on a patient-specific Replicator system model (Vascular Simulations, Stony Brook, New York, USA) of the patient’s cervical and cerebral vasculature. The rehearsal confirmed our concerns about the difficulty of accessing the vertebral artery distal to the aneurysm; an ‘around the dome’ technique was required to gain microwire access to the distal parent artery.”

Edward AM Duckworth et al.
The First North American use of the Pipeline Flex Flow Diverter. 
Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery. 2016.

The blood analog fluid is automatically warmed up to body temperature (98.6 °F) by the Replicator. In addition, the cerebrovasculature is housed in a polyurethane “head” filled with a gel that mimics the compliance of the brain parenchyma. As a result, the passage of wires and catheters into the cerebrovasculature mimics the straightening of vessels as visualized clinically.

The Replicator comes with a Windows laptop with a pre-installed software application that operates the Replicator via Bluetooth connectivity. Software functions include filling, running, and draining the Replicator, as well as controls to change the heart rate and mean blood flow rates to the Head and Body.

A proprietary clear blood analog with a viscosity matching that of human blood duplicates the friction coefficients of endovascular devices, wires, and catheters as they traverse the vascular system.

The whole system can be placed in any fluoroscopic environment and imaging can be performed in any machine including biplane angiography systems. Standard fluoroscopy, roadmap imaging, digital subtraction angiography and rotational angiography can be performed with any contrast agent and acquisition sequences identical to real clinical cases can be obtained.


The Replicator provides a realistic experience when performing endovascular procedures. The system can be used in the angiographic environment in combination with any endovascular access product or device utilized to replicate an actual clinical case. In addition, custom silicone vessels that duplicate the actual anatomy and pathology can be manufactured.

For the first time, interventionalists will be able to practice a procedure with the identical vascular pathology they will ultimately treat clinically.

Reflex™ Silicone Vasculature

Designed for a broad physiological range of compliance, REFLEX silicone vessels are engineered to respond like human vessels. The user and device delivery closely replicates the navigatability, trackability and deployment properties of human vasculature.

As the dynamic compliance of arteries is dependent on the diameter, wall thickness, and elastic modulus, Vascular Simulations’ vessels will be in the physiological range of compliance.

ASIST™ Neurovascular Stroke Replication System

Advanced Simulation of Ischemic Stroke Thrombectomy

  • An interventionalist-driven testing and training platform for simulating ischemic stroke procedures

  • Support training, product testing, and device evaluation

  • Test new and existing endovascular devices

  • Enhance physician peri-operative skills and insights

Advanced Endovascular Replication System

A versatile, realistic vascular replication system empowering training, education, and product development

  • Enables effective training on interventional procedures and devices

  • Accelerates product development and research with greater confidence

  • Provides one cost-effective system for multiple specialties – Structural heart, Vascular, and Neurovascular procedures