Advanced Endovascular Replication System

A realistic neurovascular replication system empowering device development and training

The hemodynamics of the Replicator delivers a cardiac output similar to physiological flows, supporting realistic device performance.

The Replicator provides a realistic clinical experience when performing neurovascular procedures

  • Configured with patient-specific or standard neurovascular anatomies – strokes, aneurysms, AVMs, Circle of Willis
  • Femoral artery access with radial extension capability
  • User-controlled flows and heart rates
  • Multiple imaging modalities – CT, Fluoroscopy, Camera
  • Perform thrombectomy with ASIST™
Configure your Replicator with REFLEX silicone vasculature

Founder and Neurosurgeon Henry Woo discusses the value of Replicator within case planning and preparation:

Replicator vs ReplicatorPro™