Replicator PRO™ - Vascular Simulations

Medical Device Training & Development Simulation Solution 

An advanced endovascular replication system empowering device development, training, and marketing

 Enhance training and development with user-friendly, robust, and repeatable simulation through human hemodynamic profiles and life-like tactile feedback.

Vascular Simulations - ReplicatorPro™

Physiologically and Anatomically Accurate Human Silicone Vasculature

Replicator PRO™ produces an unparalleled realistic simulation experience when simulating endovascular procedures:

  • Standard vascular, neurovascular, and valvular disease states

  • Patient-specific, custom vessels available upon request

  • User-controlled and advanced hemodynamics with rapid pacing capability

  • Multiple imaging modalities with a clear field of view – CT, fluoroscopy, and camera

  • Perform EVAR, TEVAR, FEVAR, TAVR, and more


Dr. Apostolos Tassiopoulos, Director of Endovascular Surgery at Stony Brook Hospital, successfully deploys an aortic device in Replicator PRO™ with a predictable and confident outcome.

Replicator vs ReplicatorPro™