Replicator PRO™ - Vascular Simulations

Advanced Endovascular Replication System

A versatile, realistic solution empowering device development and training

The true hemodynamic profiles of Replicator PRO™ are driven by a realistically beating 4-chamber silicone heart.

Vascular Simulations - ReplicatorPro™

Replicator PRO™ produces an unparalleled realistic clinical experience when performing a wide variety of endovascular procedures:

  • Multi-use standard or custom vascular, neurovascular and/or valvular disease states
  • User-controlled advanced hemodynamics with rapid pacing capability
  • Multiple imaging modalities with a clear field of view – CT, Fluoroscopy, Camera
  • Perform EVAR, TEVAR, TAVR


Dr. Apostolos Tassiopoulos, Director of Endovascular Surgery at Stony Brook Hospital, successfully deploys an aortic device in Replicator PRO™ with a predictable and confident outcome.

Replicator vs ReplicatorPro™