Our vasculature is configured to our simulators to suit your device needs exactly as you define them:

  • Device development
  • Clinical training
  • Marketing

Clinically Relevant

With our simulators, users experience the highest degree of clinical relevance:

  • Replicated vascular geometries & pathologies
  • True endovascular topography
  • Advanced hemodynamic profiles
  • Realistic physiological properties


Users unlock high-value potential with our long-lasting, multiple-use simulators:

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Reusable

Advanced Endovascular Replication System

Versatile, Multi-procedure Platform

Realistic Endovascular Tactile Feedback

Advanced Hemodynamic Profiles

Advanced Endovascular Replication System

Comprehensive Neurovascular System

Realistic Neurovascular Tactile Feedback

User-controlled Hemodynamics

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Demonstration Solutions

  • Portable, On-the-go
  • Quick and Easy Set-up
  • Maintains Clinical Relevance

AIS Replication System

  • Predictable Delivery
  • Reliable Outcome
  • Multiple Imaging Modalities